Introduction: Cultural exchange is not only an important condition for world cultural progress, but also an intrinsic requirement for promoting cultural globalization and diversity. In order to promote the exchanges and diversified development of cultures and arts around the world, implement the initiatives of the Chinese government "One Belt And One Road" and "building a community with a Shared future for mankind", and build a bridge of friendship for artistic talents around the world, this special report "Chinese artist dong baohong who goes international" is released.




  董宝宏,字丰源,号水墨黄河,男,汉族,著名黄河画家,1963年生于洛阳。研修于清华美院。一级美术师。现为人民艺术家书画院副院长,中国互联网联盟艺术总监, 中国企业报道艺术资本理事会副主席。近作《黄河交响曲》被人民大会堂永久收藏。2012年中国文化产业促进会授予他“中国创新书画艺术家”荣誉称号。2015年评为全国百位优秀人民书画家。

  Dong Baohong, alias Fengyuan, alias Yellow River, male, Han Nationality, famous Yellow River painter, was born in Luoyang in 1963. Study in Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. Level One artist. He is now vice President of People's Artists Painting and Calligraphy Academy, art director of Internet Alliance of China, and vice chairman of China Enterprise Report Art Capital Council. His recent Yellow River Symphony is in the great Hall of the People's Permanent collection. In 2012, China Cultural Industry Promotion Association awarded him the honorary title of "Innovative Chinese Painting and calligraphy Artist". In 2015, it was rated as one of the top 100 calligraphers and painters in China.

《大河声韵动乾坤》540 136

董宝宏作品赏析1 《大河声韵动乾坤》


  The composition of Dong Baohong's landscape works is simple and distinct, pursuing the impact and integrity of the picture language, as well as the changes and rhythms of light and shadow. To appreciate his work is like reading a pulsating poem and listening to a flowing music. In dong Baohong's award-winning works, there are both the majestic and majestic recklessness of the mang taihang and the marvelous majestic of the Qinling Mountains and waters; Both the eagle eye bird's eye view of the cliff, and a sharp focus of the canyon peak.


  Dong Baohong is good at mountains and rivers, and he is even better at painting the Yellow River. His landscape paintings of the Yellow River are majestic, crude and simple, thick and composed, profound artistic conception, poetic and painting, both refined and popular. He believed that the Yellow River painting was different from other landscape paintings because it had national characteristics and Oriental cultural connotation. Dong Baohong's landscape painting of the Yellow River is vigorous, broad, steady and thick, which further embodies the idea of "the Yellow River is tranquil, the country is prosperous and the people are safe", embodies the elegant demeanor of the Chinese civilization of five thousand years, and embodies the spirit of the Chinese nation.

12《观海听涛》240 60

董宝宏作品赏析2 《观海听涛》


Comments from famous artists:

  刘大为(原中美协主席):知道董宝宏,是因为看了他那一幅幅画面大气磅礴,气势雄浑,波涛汹涌,充满阳刚之气的黄河系列作品。董宝宏"外师造化‘向自然汲取营养,在自然中寻找灵感,于自然中成就艺术,传统功力和时代精神相融,民族气魄和艺术个性结合,所作结构新颖,意境清新,用笔刚柔相济,设色用墨则浓淡相宜,画景势气雄浑,既有传统气息又有时代精神。他对黄河观察的细致入微,以及创造出来的形态美感和笔墨技能,都另人惊叹不已,描写浪涛的起落,仿佛其下有蛟龙蛰伏。那汹涌澎湃的气势,使人精神振奋而感到豪壮。描绘了中华民族精神-——不屈不挠,勇往直前,势不可挡,也就是我们民族的浩然之气。 作为青年一代的艺术家中的佼佼者,相信在以后的艺术道路上董宝宏会创作出更加震撼的艺术作品展示给我们!

  Liu Dawei (former chairman of the Chinese American Association) : I know Dong Baohong from his series of works of the Yellow River, which are magnificent, vigorous, turbulent and full of masculinity. Dong Baohong "teacher 'to draw nutrition, naturally endowed in nature for inspiration, achievements in natural art, traditional power and time spirit, national spirit and artistic personality, made structure is novel, artistic conception and pure and fresh, pen and flexibility, color ink, shade fitting for bold landscape potential gas, there are both traditional flavor and time spirit. His meticulous observation of the Yellow River, as well as the beauty of its form and the skill of its brush and ink are amazing. He describes the rise and fall of the waves as if there were a flood dragon lurking beneath. That surging momentum, people feel exciting and heroic spirit. It describes the spirit of the Chinese nation -- indomitable, courageous and invincible, which is also the noble spirit of our nation. As one of the outstanding artists of the younger generation, I believe dong Baohong will create more shocking works of art to show us in the future.

2《明月照积雪朔风过大河》365 145

董宝宏作品赏析3 《明月照积雪朔风过大河》


  Shang Hui (famous art critic and painter) : "Lines are strong and traditional skills are profound. The picture is bright and modern. The interest of nature and the beauty of humanity, the heart is expressive."

11《万壑有声含晚籁数峰无语立斜阳》丈二,365  145

董宝宏作品赏析4 《万壑有声含晚籁数峰无语立斜阳》


  Shi Feng (Famous painting and Calligraphy critic Shi Feng) :

法有卓劲绘磅礴 功成一派记时代

Method has Zhuojin painting majestic achievements into a school of record of The Times


  The Yellow River is mother River, but in most people's mind, the Yellow River is more like an abstract and thin noun, may not be able to understand its majestic and spectacular sight. More than never seen the Yellow River, even if the Yellow River in person, will not be quickly extracted into the mind of the Yellow River spirit. If you have seen the great landscape works of the Yellow River by the famous painter Dong Baohong, you can experience the majestic momentum of the Yellow River from the artistic perspective, the height of its charm and the spiritual atmosphere. He is a bosom friend of the spiritual image of the Yellow River, and the first person to accurately express the spirit of the Yellow River in landscape painting!

13《心懷澄澈》400 136

董宝宏作品赏析5 《心怀澄澈》


  Why can Dong Baohong become the bosom friend of the Yellow River spirit? There should be three reasons, one is he has professional landscape almighty expressionist skills, from pen peleg line to the colors on rhyme, from leaning far composition to rhyme scheduling, which embodies the professional level of a professional painter, with seiko technique, good at its shape, can also be omnipotent brewing expression, she with professional why Dong Baohong become the painting of the Yellow River spirit meaning understanding friend? There should be three reasons, one is he has professional landscape almighty expressionist skills, from pen peleg line to the colors on rhyme, from leaning far composition to rhyme scheduling, which embodies the professional level of a professional painter, with seiko technique, good at its shape, can also be omnipotent brewing expression, she personified in the landscape with professional spirit realm to perfection, it has a solid technical foundation, that is what he means painted Yellow River nearly finished bottom of base rock. When the spirit expresses the personification state of the landscape to the perfect state, it has a solid technical foundation, which is the bastion stone that he intended to draw the Yellow River.

9《上善若水》180 95

董宝宏作品赏析6 《上善若水》


  Second, he has the ancient and natural persistence of the division. In the contemporary painting world, landscape painting has two different orients. One is to close the door on the old work and only use the master's score to draw the same pattern. This is not a creation, but a copy of special intention. The second is to abandon the traditional expressionist technique, and to paint the real mountain according to the real mountain, and to paint the elephant landscape, which is a realistic repetition technique, and the ink becomes the camera, which is another kind of rigid form. Whether it is the master ancient, or the master natural, are rigid landscape painting, rare rich contemporary disadvantages. Mr Dong Baohong picture of the Yellow River, has its own original and independent, he jumped out of the contemporary landscape evils vortex and shallow, learning from the path, both ancient, is natural, so his landscape can take images as on, seems like as expressionism core of beauty, and the texture is the comprehensive performance of the Yellow River, the vigor of detachment.

10《晓山经雨洗青螺》180  95

董宝宏作品赏析7 《晓山经雨洗青螺》


  He is an artist who admires the tradition and respects the nature. He has made persistent efforts to learn the ancient style, and has accumulated rich experiences in sketching. Therefore, he knows the Yellow River best and can best turn the spiritual quality of the Yellow River into a landscape wonder with pen and ink.


  In addition, there is also a very important reason, let him become the best in the Yellow River landscape theme of freehand brushwork spirit and the reason is that he is on the Yellow River is the feelings of the artist, his mood and mind with the Yellow River flows in, be in harmony are an organic whole, deep emotion, so from the realm of self-cultivation, others can't surpass his creation idea of the Yellow River height, "ink and the Yellow River", cut the mind work, only its exclusive!

8《巍巍太行》365 145

董宝宏作品赏析8 《巍巍太行》


  The method has zhuojin painting majestic, achievement into a school to record The Times. The Yellow River is the powerful and profound, one thousand years, and the painter can like Dong Hongbao stood in the height of the picture, all the time and space system under the background of times for the Yellow River panoramic ink, so his landscape is accomplished in one door, alone into one model, it is not just the clear proof of personal artistic attainments, also of the Yellow River culture retained into visual art of eternal!


董宝宏作品赏析9 《踏月而来你在山中》

《海纳百川》120 120

董宝宏作品赏析10 《海纳百川》

《千里黄河一壶收》200 120

董宝宏作品赏析11 《千里黄河一壶收》


董宝宏作品赏析12 《为有暗香来》

《太行清晓》180  190

董宝宏作品赏析13 《太行清晓》

6《万里神龙醉入壶》200 120

董宝宏作品赏析14 《万里神龙醉入壶》


董宝宏作品赏析15 《客来相对了无语静听松声答瀑泉》